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Binary Options Guide.
Binary options is solely based on forecasting the rise or fall in the value of a financial asset. The simplicity of trading coupled with high profitability are advantages that attract thousands of people across the globe. Accordingly there is a great number of binary brokers to meet the global demand. The variety of available brokers ensures each investor can find one suitable to his or her investment needs.
Earn Up to 90% Make more trades and win. Copy profitable trades. Read Review Open Account No hidden fees or commissions Benchmarked against interbank options markets Real-time prices Read Review Open Account.
At we present you with the best platforms to chose from. By opening an account in the various brokerage firms mentioned throughout this site, you will receive our support and advice, enabling you to negotiate with greater flexibility and security.
Latest News.
Weekly Technical Analysis Summary from different sources.
Here is the list of most important articles that you should read for this week. Weekly Forex Technical Analysis, July 31 – Aug 4, 2017 FX Empire-Jul 30, 2560 BE The US dollar has continues its downfall versus all major currencies during the previous week on dovish Feder. Read more.
ASIC Brokers.
Invest with regulated brokers in Australia and be safe. Like all countries with mature financial markets, Australia has a regulatory body which oversees the general reputation and trustworthiness of the country’s financial market. The objective is to bolster and. Read more.
What are binary options?
The first type of binary options you need to know about is the all-or-nothing option. With the all-or-nothing option, you, the investor, chooses one of two scenarios to occur before the investment expires:
The asset price will rise above its initial value The asset price will fall below its initial price.
If you estimate the price of the underlying asset will rise, you use the all-or-nothing CALL option. Conversely if you estimate the price of the underlying asset will decrease, you use the all-or-nothing PUT option. As you by now understand, price trends are the key to high profits.
In addition to the all-or-nothing call/put options, there are many different trading options. Some of the more popular options include Above/Below (High/Low) and One Touch. The former are more traditional trading binary options brokers. In One Touch the investors estimates what predetermined value the underlying asset will reach before the investment expires. This is a more complex binary trading option, but pays out the greatest returns.
In order to start investing, the first thing you need to do is choose a financial asset. Next, based on your forecast, acquire the appropriate call or put option. Once you’ve chosen a call or put option, set the amount you want to invest and put an expiration date on the investment. If everything goes according to plan the option will expire in the money i.e. you will earn profit. If the forecast was inaccurate the option closes out of the money. Thus the value of the underlying asset at the options maturity determines success.
Here’s some more information on financial assets, returns and profitability.
The 4 most popular financial assets for options are:
Binary Options Stock indices Raw materials and commodities Foreign Currency.
These investments are also known as fixed return options, as the investor will get a percentage of the profits, whether you win or lose (in case of a loss a refund is usually offered generally ranging between 10%-15%). In classic binary option investments you can anticipate a return of 70%-80%. One Touch options however, can return up to 350% or 400% on the investment depending on the binary broker.
In order to succeed, it is very important you review the ins and outs of financial markets. To do this, you can use the market analyses that are available in virtually all online trading platforms or search the internet and read the market sections of online newspapers. Best investment practice suggests knowing the asset or financial assets for which we are going to invest and be aware of related news that may affect directly or indirectly price trends. Keep in mind at times information can be limited when it comes to investing our money, so be very careful and don’t take investments lightly.
Tips on managing your account.
In addition to being well informed, you should take some time to review investment strategies and tactics to maximize profits.
A tactic sometimes used by traders is to buy both a call as well as a put option at the same time. In certain situations new market insights lead even a seasoned investor to make an investment opposite to his or her earlier forecast. Suppose you invested a put option based on market analysis suggesting a downward trend. However, the price of the asset begins to rise. This is a time to invest in a call option to hedge your losses from the initial investment.
Another strategy used by seasoned investors is to double down on the value of the option. If you trust your analyses, this is another way to increase your profits. But be sure to make sure you have the understanding and experience to use this strategy effectively.
Binary options is great way to invest your money and see returns. The best way to ensure you are making wise decisions is to stay current with market trend analyses. Like any investment, gaining proficiency in the market takes dedication. We recommend the novice investor be patient while gaining fluency in strategy and tactics. If this is your first time reading about this, feel free to review the videos, webinars, and other educational materials aggregated on this site.
10 tips to start investing now.
Of all the opportunities that exist today in the global financial markets, trading with options is one of the easiest and fastest securities for picking up a little extra income at the end of the month. Investing with options is the financial market that moves the most money a day worldwide.
You do not need to be a finance maven or a Harvard economist nor do you need to be already wealthy to start trading today. Most binary option brokers will let you open an account with no more than $100-$200.
Online trading can bring great benefits whether you choose to invest daily, weekly, monthly or only once a year. This market offers any interested investor huge potential possibility in the short, medium and long terms.
Furthermore, it is not complicated to get started, but you should take the time to review the financial markets.
With that in mind here are my 10 most useful tips for beginning investors.

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